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I won’t bore you with another recap of the Oroville Dam spillway fiasco except to say that I, like most people in the area, were aware of the issues and were keeping close tabs on the information.  For days we were being told that everything was just dandy, and even as many things turned out to […] more


For those of you that know that I live in Yuba City and have been watching the news, my family and I and most of the animals are in the process of evacuating. Only the bird is staying. This evacuation order literally came out of the blue as if it wasn’t for the danger of […] more

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My annual February post

The world is AWFUL and I’m never doing anything again because the world/weather/darkness is going to be here FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER and what was I thinking calling myself a runner, and all the horses should obviously be sold because they are never going to be ridden again…… …So begins the self-wallowing pit of misery […] more

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Platinum Performance

As I watched Farley float across the arena I realized that I was going to have to change my long-held beliefs about nutritional supplements and feed-thru joint supplements. There’s nothing like endurance and medicine to make you eat your words, question your beliefs, and keep you humble. In January I decided to give Platinum Performance […] more


January 2016 IRL Training Log

January was a mixed bag – lots of horse time, some awesome runs…and a cold that knocked me out of training for at least a week, and rain that just never stopped. MerryLegs MerryLegs was trimmed, had a test run in a turnout blanket, loaded up in the trailer and shipped off to mare camp (ie […] more

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Night Tips from a Pilot (and others)

When I was helping my husband study for his private pilot’s license, I ran across a section about night flying. Some of the recommendations made a lot of sense for riding at night on the trails too. Unlike running when I usually where a bright headlamp (and sometimes carry a flashlight too) to illuminate the […] more

day 33

100 days of horses & Integrity

I last left you at day 21 before the Christmas holiday. Here’s what days 22-35 looked like: After a hiatus that seemed to go on forever, I did what I’ve done several times during this personal challenge – go back out to the barn and start logging days again. It’s a matter of integrity. Running […] more

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